Contact me

thanks SO SO much for thinking of me for your photography needs!! Here are a few things I’d love you to include in the “message” section – things that help me know exactly what type of shoot you want!!

  1. What city are you from?
  2. How should I contact you? (Email, phone number, Instagram handle?)
  3. What type of pictures do you want? (senior photos, engagement shoot…etc)
  4. How long are you wanting to shoot?
  5. Are you bringing anyone/anything with you? (A friend, your guitar to pose with, extra outfits?)
  6. Do you like street style/city photos or outdoorsy/field/flower photos? Basically, where is the ideal place you’d want your pictures taken?
  7. Do you like to be posed, or do you like finding a cool spot and seeing what happens? (If you want specific poses, you can definitely look up and send me example pictures. Otherwise, I’ll put you in positions that are comfortable and allow you to express yourself however you’d like that day!)
  8. Is there anything else you think I should know?